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Union Square pet sitters

All-Inclusive Pet Sitting Services in Union Square

Union Square is one of the most historic neighborhoods in NYC. It’s been around since the birth of NYC and even has a statue of our first president, President George Washington, in the middle of Union Square Park. This area represents the union of two of Manhattans oldest thoroughfares, Broadway and Bowery, hence the name. It was also home to some of the first theaters in NYC, though eventually those theaters moved out of the area to form the Theater District. The theaters might have been pushed out of Union Square, but the pets weren’t. That’s why our Union Square pet sitters are always in the area taking care of dogs, cats and pocket pets.

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Union Square Pet Sitters

Most people that live in NYC live fast, on the go lifestyles and the residents of Union Square are no different. Life is always happening, and sometimes, it pulls you away from your favorite nonhuman family member. There are going to be times that you need to find a reliable pet sitter in Union Square and you’re going to have to decide who to you want to entrust your buddy to. At Bingo, we make your pet our priority. When you have to go out of town, the last thing you want to do is worry about who’s going to take care of your precious pet. That’s why you should trust our Union Square pet sitters to help you.

We’ve been providing co-parenting experiences in NYC for more than 7 years. Our professional and reliable Union Square pet sitters know how important maintaining your pet’s routine is. That’s why we make it a point to provide a loving yet structured environment while you’re away. Schedule a meet and greet with our staff today and see how we’re heads above the other pet sitting services in NYC.

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