Essential Winter Dog Gear

winter dog gear

The Best Winter Dog Gear for New York City

winter dog gearNew York City gets cold in the winter. Duh. But when it’s cold, if you’re a pawrent to a doggo, you can’t just expect your dog to be able to go outside with nothing protecting them. Cold weather can be dangerous for dogs. When winter rolls around, having proper winter dog gear will ensure that your pet is protected and comfortable when they have to go outside to exercise or go to the bathroom. Here are some of our favorite pieces of winter dog gear to prepare your dog for winter in New York City.

4 Essential Pieces of Winter Dog Gear


Unless you have a dog that was born for the cold weather like a Siberian Husky or a similar breed. When the cold weather rolls in, most dogs need an extra layer (or two) of protection. A coat or good jacket is a piece of winter dog gear that’s essential in New York City. A jacket or coat should be water-resistant or waterproof if you really want to splurge and have a warm lining like fleece or cotton. If your dog likes to chew things, you may want to avoid zippers or buttons or hooks that could end up in your dog’s stomach.

Older or smaller dogs may need a sweater underneath their jacket for another layer of protection. Make sure the coat you get for your doggo isn’t too snug or your dog will be uncomfortable when they’re out doing their business. And that ain’t right.

Booties/Paw Protectors

Your dog’s paws are some of the most important pieces of their anatomy. Protect their paws and your doggo will have a whole lot more fun this winter. The paws of your dog’s feet are extremely sensitive, not only to cold or hot weather, but to things like the salt and other chemicals that are on the streets of NYC. Salt is used throughout NYC to minimize slipping and falling for humans, but it’s actually really harmful to doggos. If they get it on their paws and lick their paws, it can be extremely toxic for them. Avoid this scenario altogether by simply protecting your dog’s paws with booties or paw protectors and help them get the exercise they need throughout the winter months in NYC.


This is probably one of the funniest pieces of winter dog gear out there, but for dogs with long floppy ears or that are extremely sensitive to cold weather, a snood can be a lifesaver. This hat and scarf combo is the perfect addition to your dog’s wardrobe to protect against wind and cold weather. Most snoods have drawstrings so you can tighten or loosen them as needed to fit your doggo.


Dogs that are older or smaller tend to need a little extra help during winter in NYC. An extra layer of insulation in the form of a sweater can help to get them through the winter months. When you’re choosing a sweater for your dog, the sweater should be tight but not snug so that their neck and legs can move about freely. But don’t leave the sweater on for too long, especially inside. It can cause your dog to overheat or even provoke a rash. The easier the sweater is to put on, the easier you’re able to remove it.

Find a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter in New York City

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that you can decide to eliminate your dog’s exercise routine. You’re still going to have to take them for walks and make sure they’re able to do their doggie business. But if you’re are unable to brave the NYC cold or you have a busy holiday schedule, let our Bingo dog walkers and pet sitters help you out. We don’t care if it’s cold outside. We know your dog still needs to get their exercise and fresh air. Schedule your dog walking or pet sitting services today, and learn why our Bingo dog walkers and pet sitters are the best in New York City.

Manhattan Summer Dog Events

summer dog events

Dog Friendly Summer Events in Manhattan

summer dog eventsNew York City is buzzing with action this summer. From concerts to baseball games, Manhattan residents are out and about taking full advantage of this time of year. Your doggo wants to experience some fun this summer too. And the best part is, there’s plenty of options to choose from. We’ve narrowed it down to a list of our favorite summer dog events in New York City here.

3 Fun Dog Friendly Events in Manhattan this Summer

Yappy Hour – August 10, 2019

Benebone is sponsoring Yappy Hour at Boris & Horton this upcoming weekend. Every guest gets a free swag bag along with a free bacon wishbone for their pooch. There’s going to be plenty of entertainment from local artists that will be drawing dog caricatures and fun dog games for you and your dog to the extra special opportunity to adopt doggos. Bring your dog for a day of socialization and fun that will surely make them happy.

Clear the Shelters! – August 17, 2019

Becoming a pawrent is one of the best things you’ll ever do. 68 percent of America agrees because that’s the percentage of households that have pets. Dogs are one of the most popular types of pets, and the lovely people at Rescue City are making it possible for you to adopt your next furry family member. Whether you already have a dog or pet and you’re looking to expand your family this is one of the summer dog events you don’t want to miss. It’s being hosted at one of our favorite pooch friendly hangouts, Boris & Horton’s. Come join other potential pawrents as you help a pooch find a forever home, full of love and snuggles.

Central Park Dog Photo Walk – August 25, 2019

Have you ever tried to take photos of your doggo and they’ve come out blurry? If so, then you’re like thousands of other New York City pawrents that struggle to take cute pics of their bestie. We think this is one of the best summer dog events happening in New York City. For this BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog) event, you’ll join photographer Natalie Siebers as you walk through Central Park. She will give you some tips and tricks to get those print worthy photos of your dog. What pawrent doesn’t want cute photos of their dog? Enjoy one of the best summer dog events in New York City on your stroll through Central Park.

Find Summer Dog Walking Services in Manhattan

It may be hot here in New York City but life goes on. Pawrents throughout the city are carrying on with their lives, taking their dogs out earlier and making sure their apartments are as cool as possible for their cats and birds. If you need to get out of the city or take a day off, we’re here to carry on with your pet. From dog walking to cat and bird sitting, our professional and reliable pet sitters are ready to take care of your pet. Schedule your pet sitting services today and let us take a little responsibility off your plate this summer.

Summer Dog Walking Tips

summer dog walking

How to Walk Your Dog Safely This Summer

summer dog walkingSummers in NYC are hot. There’s no way around it. They’re hot and humid and lots of people actually try and flee the city during this time of year. But life must go on for millions of NYC residents who don’t have the luxury of escaping during the summer months. If you’re a pawrent living in NYC, you still have to take care of summer dog walking, heat and all. When you’re walking your dog this summer, you’re going to want to ensure that you’re safely walking them and not putting them in harm’s way. Here are some of our summer dog walking tips in order to keep your doggo as healthy and safe as possible this summer in NYC.

4 Summer Dog Walking Tips

Sun Protection

Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to sunburns. Crazy, right? As a pawrent, it’s your job to make sure when you take your dog out, they’re protected properly from the sun. Just because it’s hot during the summer doesn’t mean you stop walking your dog. They still need exercise. But you need to be mindful of the sun and the affects that it has on your dog so you don’t spend too much time outside. Avoiding peak sun hours in the middle of the day will help with summer dog walking as well as applying sunscreen to places like the snout and nose area, earflaps and belly, which are especially prone to sunburn. Use doggie safe sunscreen to keep your dog safe while you’re out on your next summer walk. And if you have one of these dog breeds with thin hair, be extra careful while you’re walking your dog during the summer here in NYC:

  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Boxer
  • Bull Dog
  • Beagle
  • Chinese Crested
  • Dalmatian
  • Greyhound
  • Weimaraner
  • Whippet
  • White German Shepard
Don’t Forget the Snout

Your dog’s snout is one of their most important features. It’s like their unique fingerprint and no two snouts are the same. It’s also something that pawrents can forget about, especially when they’re trying to handle summer dog walking responsibilities. It’s hot outside. And that heat can make you lose your mind. But your dog is depending on you to remember to take care of them. Their snout is very vulnerable to sun, just like a human face. If your dog’s snout gets burned, it’s going to be very uncomfortable for them. In fact, if your dog’s snout isn’t properly taken care of, the snout can actually start to fade in color in certain areas. Apply doggie sunscreen while you’re out, but then add a snout moisturizer to help hydrate the snout after it’s been out in the sun when you get home.

Paw Protection

If it’s hot outside for you as a human, then it’s going to be hot outside for your dog. You however, get to wear shoes while you’re walking your dog in the summer, your dog doesn’t. But they really should be wearing protective gear on their paws. If the concrete and sidewalks are hot to the touch, they are going to be dangerous for your pets paws. Summer dog walking can be really dangerous if you don’t protect your dog’s paws. Dogs can burn their paws easier than you think and walking your dog in the summer without paw protection can lead to second and third degree burns on their paws and a trip to the doggie ER. Every time you go outside, you need to make sure your dogs paws are protected.

Cooling Bandana

Want an easy way to keep your dog cool while you’re out walking? Get them one of these. A doggie cooling bandana is a great way to keep your dog cool and prevent them from overheating while you’re out getting your daily exercise. All you do is put it around your dogs neck and voila! You’ve got a cool dog, literally. There are tons of variations of the cooling bandana, but the concept remains the same: summer dog walking is a whole lot cooler when you are actually keeping cool.

Safe and Reliable Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters in NYC

Not all dog walkers and pet sitters in NYC are created equal. At Bingo, your pet is our priority. That means that we’ll make sure to provide the best co-parenting experience possible while you’re away. Our professional dog walkers understand that safety is important when it comes to your pet. We can provide dog walks or overnight stays with your pet while you’re on summer vacation or that unexpected business trip so you don’t have to worry when you’re not around. Join our Bingo family today.

Most Dog Friendly Neighborhoods in NYC

dog friendly

Dog Friendly Neighborhoods to Explore in NYC

dog friendlyWhen you’re a pawrent, the possibilities for fun and adventure are endless. Every day is an opportunity to explore somewhere new with your doggo, and NYC has plenty of places to see from dog runs to river walks. We’re heading into the warmer time of the year here in NYC, ripe for exploring some new places with your dog.  Next time you’re in the mood to get out and discover somewhere new with your dog, check out any of these dog friendly neighborhoods in NYC.

3 of the Most Dog Friendly Neighborhoods in Manhattan

Upper East Side

Finding dog friendly areas on the Upper East Side is a breeze. First of all, its flanked by Central Park and the East River. Both of these places are not only dog friendly, but they’re beautiful. There are all kinds of different areas you can take your dog to like Carl Schurz Park or Haswell Green Park. Carl Schurz Park is a great little park that overlooks the East River. There’s a dog run as well, so when it comes to being dog friendly, you’re covered. And if you’re a renter in the area, nothing screams dog friendly like 18 percent of the buildings in Carnegie Hill being billed as pet-friendly residences. All of these things combined make the Upper East Side one of the most dog friendly areas in Manhattan.

Battery Park City

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly area, Battery Park City might be your best option. You might not believe us when we tell you this, but 63 percent of buildings in this area are dog-friendly rental buildings. Numbers aren’t really our thing, but that is a lot of buildings that are welcoming to dogs. Because of the concentration of doggos in the area, there are a number of dog runs and dog friendly areas throughout Battery Park City to accommodate them. Whether you want to spend the day walking along the Hudson River, at Sirius Dog Run or Rockefeller Park, Battery Park City is the most dog friendly neighborhood in all of the city.


Another welcoming area to dogs and pets in general is Tribeca. With over a quarter of the rentals in the area, 26 percent, being dog friendly, Tribeca is easily one of the best areas to live in if you have a four legged family member. Situated on the Hudson River, Tribeca has several fun places to take your dog to. Tribeca Dog Run, Hudson River Park or Tribeca Park are just a few. Not to mention, like all of these areas, there are pet stores and dog friendly restaurants everywhere.

Reliable Dog Walking Services in NYC

If you didn’t know, our NYC dog walkers are some of the most well-versed dog walkers in the city. They have extensive knowledge of the areas that they walk dogs in, and they know all the hot spots to take your pooch. When you’re looking for dog walkers in NYC, our Bingo dog walkers and pet sitters are ready to step up to the challenge. We love each and every dog and pet that we get the opportunity and privilege to spend time with, and we would love to get the opportunity to explore NYC with your doggo. Schedule your free meet and greet today, and find out we’re the best dog walking company in NYC.

The Importance of Flea and Tick Meds

flea and tick meds

Why Does my Pet Need to Take Flea and Tick Meds?

flea and tick medsApril showers bring May flowers and all that jazz. But do you know what else they bring with them? Fleas, ticks and all kinds of other bugs and critters that are looking for a place to call home. The last thing you want is for some of those annoying little guys to jump into your pet’s coat, whether it’s your dog, cat or pocket pet. All it takes is one bite from a flea to cause an allergic reaction in your pet. That one little bite not only leads to discomfort for your pet, but it can also lead to an infestation of your furniture, carpets and bedding. Preventing a flea or tick infestation is much easier than cleaning up after one, so when it comes to flea and tick meds, you don’t want to wait until it’s too late.

Fleas and ticks are most active in New York City from May until about October, when temperatures start to drop. During the upcoming months as the weather gets warmer, fleas and ticks start coming out in droves. Any animal that isn’t taking flea and tick meds to prevent bites is susceptible to these little pests. If you have more than one pet, and especially one that goes outside regularly, you need to start their flea and tick meds yesterday. The worst case scenario is that your pet goes outside, brings in fleas and gives them to your pets that don’t go outside, causing a complete infestation of your home. Not to mention your pet will be extremely miserable until you can rid them of their insect problem.

Picking the Right Flea and Tick Meds for your Pet

Recommended by your Veterinarian

There are many different options out there for preventing fleas and ticks. Some are healthier options for your pet than others, but at the end of the day you have to decide what’s best for your pet. The most common types of flea and tick meds that are prescribed by veterinarians are medications like Bravecto, Nexgard, Comfortis and Advantix to name a few. However, just because they are the most common medications, doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best for your pet. Take a few minutes to read the ingredient list. Some of these medications contain ingredients like Spinosad, which actually happens to be a pesticide you can buy at Home Depot. We’re all about preventing fleas and ticks, but do your due diligence to make sure that what your vet recommends is actually the most suitable option for your pet.

Alternative Flea and Tick Meds

Thankfully, there companies out there creating healthy alternatives to prescription strength medications. From flea collars to herbal sprays, there are natural alternatives that are safe for your pet. Keep in mind there are different formulations depending on your pet, so don’t feed your dog cat flea and tick meds or vice versa.

  • Flea and Tick Collar – Key ingredients in a collar include natural elements like peppermint oil, which is repulsive to insects that like to bite. The collars are non-toxic and typically last up to 3 months, although you may want to replace sooner just in case.
  • Herbal Flea and Tick Spray – This topical alternative is full of natural herbs and oils that repel fleas, ticks and other insects. It can be used to prevent flea and tick bites, but it can also be used to kill fleas and ticks on contact if they have already gotten to your pet.
  • Herbal Flea and Tick Shampoo – This can be used as a preventative measure but is also something you’ll want on hand if one of your pets gets fleas or ticks. It contains ingredients like lemongrass and peppermint oil, but it also contains vitamin E and other ingredients to help soothe your pets skin if they have bites from fleas or ticks.

Reliable New York Pet Care

Making sure that your pet is protected against fleas and ticks during flea season will not only make your pets life more enjoyable, but yours too. Fleas and ticks are the last thing you want to think about as a pawrent. You should be worrying about more important things like who’s going to watch them while you’re away. If you’re looking for reliable pet care in New York City, look no further. Our NYC pet sitters are available 7 days a week for everything from overnight stays to dog walks. We’re here to make your life easier, and ensure that you have reliable New York pet care at your fingertips. Book your free meet and greet today, and join our Bingo family.

Do I Really Need a Dog Walker in NYC?

dog walker new york city

Why you Need a Dog Walker in NYC

dog walker new york cityNew York City is full of working professionals. The subway and streets are full of people that are making their way to work. Many of those people commuting diligently in rain, snow or sun are dog or pet owners that are leaving their pets for the day. But dogs, much more than cats, birds or reptiles, actually require more attention, and they aren’t as easy to leave for a whole day. If you’re one of the many people who has a dog in NYC, then you should consider hiring a dog walker. Here are some reasons why you need to hire a dog walker in NYC.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Dog Walker in NYC

Your Pooch is Home All Day

Leaving your dog in the morning when you go to work is probably one of the hardest parts of your day. Knowing that they’re going to sit there, all day with no one and nothing to entertain them is a hard pill to swallow. After all, 8 hours is a long time to be home alone, even for a human. This is just one of the many reasons why you need a dog walker in NYC. A dog walker will walk your dog and make sure that they don’t just sit at home and sleep all day.

No Yard

If you live in NYC, it’s safe to assume you don’t have a yard.  And if you don’t have a yard and you’re leaving your pooch at home all day, they’re just going to be sitting inside…all…day. Even if you did have a yard, dogs don’t usually exercise themselves, so they would need some kind of guided exercise. This is where a dog walker can help. They’ll take your dog out and get them the fresh air and exercise they need.

You Love Your Dog

Being a dog parent means that you love your pooch like they are your own. It means that you want to give them the best love and care possible when you’re not there to give it to them. By bringing on a dog walker, you’re showing your dog how much you love them by not only getting them the exercise they need for the day, but the love and care they deserve as well. Dog walkers don’t just walk your dog. They give them attention and everything they’ll need to feel loved and cared for during your time away.

Minimizes Damage to Apartment

Depending on the age of your dog, leaving them at home all day may cause more damage than you think. If you have a puppy, leaving them at home all day unattended can lead to all kinds of different disasters. From shredded pillows to trash being strewn everywhere, young dogs can misbehave if they’re left unattended for long periods of time. A dog walker will help to get them the stimulation they need so that they aren’t left to their own devices all day.

Happier Dog When You Come Home

A pet that has been walked throughout the day is a much more cooperative pet when you get home than one who hasn’t been walked. If your dog has been sitting inside all day, chances are when you get home they’re going to want to spend every second possible with you. They’re going to want to play and show you how much they’ve missed you. But you just worked an 8-hour day and you’re exhausted. If you had a dog walker in this situation, you could just take your dog for night time potty and snuggle up pooch knowing they got the exercise they needed that day.


A dog walker is able to get your dog out of the house at least once while you’re away at work. But even more than that they’re giving your dog the socialization that they need on a daily basis as well. Dogs need human interaction as well as socialization with other dogs. As expert New York City dog walkers, we know all the best places to take your pooch so that they get some socialization.

Dog Walking Service in NYC

When it comes to your dog, we know that you aren’t going to let just anyone walk them. If you’re looking for a dependable dog walking service in NYC, Bingo Pet Care is ready to step up to the plate. Our professional dog walkers and pet sitters are available seven days a week to provide love and care when you’re away. Next time you need a dog walker in NYC, let the dog walkers at Bingo take care of you. Schedule your free meet and greet today and see why Bingo dog walkers and pet sitters are the best in NYC.