Pet Sitting

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New York Pet Sitting Services


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Our all-inclusive pet sitting services are something that’s hard to find in the big city. No matter how big, or small, your pet may be we can help you care for them whenever you’re away. Our pet sitting services include cat sitting, bird sitting, reptile sitting, pocket-pet and even fish sitting. We love and care for them all because we love what we do!


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When you work with our team of professional pet sitters, we’ll sit down and put together a personalized plan that works best for you and your pet. The plan will cover how many days you’re away, how much time your pet needs with the sitter, how many meals per day, daily walks if necessary and any other specific needs your pet may have.

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For our cat and dog sitting services, we even offer in-home sitters who will stay at your place or bring your pet to theirs while you’re away to ensure overnight supervision. Our clients prefer our in-home sitting services to traditional boarding services as they allow for pets to stay in their comfort zone, and reduces the stress associated with leaving your pet in a foreign environment.


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Overnight stays

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Dog sitting – Overnight Stays in your home or at Bingo Sitter’s home $95 / night Includes: 3, 30 minute walks, daily feeding(s), play time and lots of TLC

Cat Sitting – Overnight Stays in Your Home $75/ night
Includes: feeding, playing & snuggles

General Pet Visits $20/day
Includes: feeding birds or pocket pets, cleaning fish tanks etc.


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Our sittings are designed to give you and your pet the best experience possible. We consider ourselves co-parents, so we’ll keep you updated with daily reports and photos of your pet throughout the sitting. [/mk_fancy_title]

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