How to Introduce a New Cat to Your Home

introduce a new cat

Help Your Cat Transition to Their Forever Home

introduce a new catKittens and cats can be really sensitive to new environments and unusual surroundings. Much of the time, new cats will hide in the closet or under the bed when they’re first introduced to a new home. After a while, they should adjust to their new home but it can be one of those things that takes a little longer. Here are some easy tips to introduce a new cat to your home and make their transition to their forever home.

4 Tips to Introduce a New Cat to Your Home

Give Your Cat Its Own Space

If you didn’t already know, cats can be territorial in nature. Bringing a new cat home can leave them overwhelmed and even scared of their new environment. One way you can make your cats transition more comfortable is to provide your cat with a space of their own right away. Space is hard to come by here in New York City, but if you can dedicate a corner or an area to their cat toys, litter box, food and water, their acclimation will be that much easier.

Microchip Them or Use GPS Tracker

When cats feel scared, they like to run away to places that they feel comfortable and safe in. If you rescued a cat, the chances are they are going to be very skittish when you bring them home. Cats have been known to scurry their way out the front door or open window, so when you introduce a new cat to your home make sure you’re very mindful of that. As an added layer of protection, you can microchip them or put a GPS tracking collar on them. That way if they do escape, you have some way to find them.

Cats Love High Places

Introducing a new cat to your home can potentially lead to destroyed furniture. As someone who has had cats before, this probably isn’t coming as a surprise to you. This tip will not only make your cat happy, it could potentially save your furniture too. Cats like to survey things from up high. Getting a cat tree gives your cat somewhere high to escape to, but it also gives them something to scratch instead of your furniture. Two birds. One stone.

Familiarity is Key

This couldn’t ring more true in regards to your cat’s diet. It’s common for cats to not eat when they’re introduced to a new home. Be patient, it’s all part of the process. At first, you should keep them on the same diet that they had at their foster home or shelter. Things that are familiar encourage acclimation.

Reliable Cat Sitters in New York City

At Bingo Pet Care, we love cats. Cats are odd creatures and we understand that in order to love and protect them, we have to earn their trust first, and yours too. Schedule a meet and greet today and learn more about our all-inclusive pet sitting services. We’re here to provide a co-parenting environment in order to help your pet thrive, even when you’re not around.

Best Cat Toys

Cat Toys for your Fav-fur-ite Feline

cat toysCats are a bit of an anomaly in the pet world. One second they need you the next second they don’t even want to be in your vicinity. But cat lovers understand cats and what they need to live happy lives. One of the things that we believe is essential for a cat to live a long, happy life is toys. Lots and lots of toys. The great thing about cats is that even the most basic of things can turn into cat toys like string and boxes. There are tons of different cat toys out there but these are some of our professional cat sitter’s personal favorites.

4 of the Best Cat Toys

Laser Pointer

One of the most entertaining toys in general, for both humans and cats, is a laser pointer. You, as the pawrent, get to play with your cat for a prolonged period of time, sending them all over the room or wall chasing the laser pointer. This may seem like it’s boring. Trust us, it’s not. Especially for your cat. Your cat will love the interaction and the stimulation while engaging their hunting senses. This is one of the cheapest, yet best cat toys around. The only hang up is it requires you to administer the fun.

Catit Design Senses Massager Center

Have you ever noticed your cat rubbing up on things like table legs, chairs, sofas and even the floor? That’s because they like the different textures and how they feel against their fur and skin. As humans, we can relate because we love massages too! So what better toy to get your cat than a kitty massager? The Catit Design Senses Massager Center has a gum stimulator, an Acupressure mat for stimulating the paws and a ripple massager that allows them to scratch whatever itch they may have. Cats have an increased sense of touch and this cat toy allows them to get stimulation on a variety of levels.

Wall-Mounted Play Set

If there’s one thing we know about cat’s it’s that they love to climb things. They’ll climb just about anything they can get a grip on. So when it comes to cat toys, getting them a wall-mounted play set will give them the ability to pounce all over your living space. Situate the different pieces wherever you see fit and watch your cats go crazy with glee.


Remember how we said the most basic of things can turn into a cat toy? Well, it’s true. In fact, you’ve probably already gotten several cat toys in the mail if you’ve ever ordered anything off of Amazon or received a package from Aunt Gertrude. Cats are bizarre creatures. And most cats like boxes or things they can fit snugly inside of. Some cats just like to claw at the boxes, but regardless, boxes are an inexpensive way to keep your cat entertained.

Safe and Reliable Cat Sitters in Manhattan

Cats are much more skeptical of people than dogs are. That’s why when you’re looking for someone to take care of your precious feline, you need to find a cat sitter in Manhattan that not only has experience, but loves cats. At Bingo Pet Care all of our pet sitters love animals. We work hard to make your pet our priority. Let us help take care of your nonhuman family member and schedule your pet sitting needs here.


Cute Pet Photo Shoot Ideas in NYC

pet photo shoot

Ideas for a Spring Pet Photo Shoot in NYC

pet photo shoot
Image Courtesy of @floweranimals

Spring has sprung and it’s time to do what humans do at the start of a new season: take a bunch of pictures. New York City has so many great locations to choose from, including your own apartment. Think about the type of pet photo shoot you want to stage or if you want to have a theme. And when you decide that you want to take cute photos of your pet this spring, we have some ideas for you. From dogs to pocket pets, get creative with the props and settings of your pet photo shoot and have some fun with a spring inspired shoot.

Spring Pet Photo Shoot Ideas in NYC


When it comes to the pet with the opportunity for the most versatile photo shoot, dogs take the cake. Dogs are able to go outside, not that cats or pocket pets can’t, but it’s definitely not the norm. You can adventure to one of your favorite spots, or even have a photo shoot from the comfort of your own home. Since dogs are able to go outside, we think that’s the best place to host your photo shoot. Here are some tips for an outdoor spring photo shoot with your doggo.

pet photo shootLocation: Central Park has a variety of different areas that you can have your pet photo shoot. There’s the Bethesda Fountain if you’re looking for an iconic shot of the area. Or you can venture to one of the many bridges that are located throughout Central Park. Several of them even have flower blooms, and since it’s spring, you could probably find a location that is blooming, adding to the cuteness of your photo shoot.

Props: Props are important when it comes to pet photo shoots. Bring something with you like your pooch’s favorite toy or something that brings them genuine happiness. When you want to take cute pics of your doggo, you want them to be enjoying themselves. And what better tool to get a smile out of your pooch than by bringing their favorite toys along. You can also dress them in a cute outfit or a flower crown if you’re that kind of pawrent.

pet photo shootTime of Day: Lighting is important for taking photos, so if you’re going with an outdoor photo shoot, you want to take them at the right time of day. If the sun is too bright, it will make your pictures look blown out. Early morning, before noon and after 4pm are the best times of day to take photos, so keep that in mind when planning your pet photo shoot.


These pets are known to be inside creatures, especially in NYC. If you’re one of those cat owners that takes their cat outdoors, you can steal some inspiration from the dog photo shoot ideas above. But if you’re like the majority of cat owners that keeps their pet indoors, an indoor photo shoot would probably make the most sense. Cats are feisty creatures though, so we hope you’ve got the patience and the reaction time to get some good photos.

Location: Determine the best place in your home to try and host the shoot. Try to stay away from directly in front of windows, as the lighting might be too bright. You can try and catch them snoozing in their bed, or candidly sitting on their favorite ledge.

Props: If you’re trying to get some action shots of your cat, have them play with their toy. Or even give them some catnip before and catch them doing some strange stuff on camera. The mood you’re trying to capture from your cat, should dictate the props and setting that you want to shoot them in. You can add some flowers or pops of spring colors to tie in the spring theme.

Time of Day: You want to find a time when the light is shining into your apartment, but not shining directly into your apartment.

Pocket Pets

These little guys have the potential for some cute photos. But with pocket pets the biggest risk you run is that they will scamper away before you can get a photo, if you take them out of their cage that is.

Location: Depending whether you want to keep them in their cage or take them out, you can pick a location for your pocket pet photo shoot. If you have some items to make an enclosed space, you can have them out of the cage and candidly take photos of them scurrying around or doing whatever it is that pocket pets do when they’re out of their cages.

Props: Toys or even little treats are great props for a pocket pet photo shoot. Just like humans, pets love to eat, and they kind of stop what they’re doing when they get fed. If you want to take that approach, you may be able to get some cute photos of your hamster or guinea pig shoving their face with food. Try adding some of your house plants to the background of the photo to bring that natural element to your pet photo shoot.

Time of Day: Just like a cat photo shoot, you want to find a time when the light is shining into your apartment, but not shining directly into your apartment so that the photos aren’t blown out.

Fun and Reliable Pet Sitters in NYC

Photo shoots aside, when it comes to finding a reliable pet sitter in NYC, we’ve got you covered. Our professional and reliable NYC pet sitters are available 7 days a week for pet sitting. At Bingo, we make your pet our priority. That means that we try to offer them as much of co-parenting experience as possible while you’re away. We keep their routine in-tact and give them all the love and attention they deserve while you’re gone. Next time you’re in need of a pet sitter in NYC, let us make your pet our priority.


What to Expect from a Cat Sitter

Why Hiring a Cat Sitter is a Unique Experience

cat sitter

Let’s face it, there are basically two types of people in the world: dog people and cat people. Dog people aren’t cat people typically, and cat people like dogs but don’t ever want to own them. That’s why when you’re looking for a cat sitter in Manhattan, you don’t want to hire just anyone. You want to hire a company that understands the unique needs of your feline, and knows that they’re going to require a different kind of attention.

4 Reasons Why Hiring a Cat Sitter is a Unique Experience

Cat Sitters Understand Cats
Like we mentioned earlier, cat people are cat people. Cats are complex creatures. They’re sophisticated yet sassy, lazy yet playful and they do what they want, when they want. Cats are unique creatures that have to have someone around them that understands them. And that’s what a cat sitter does. They understand your feline. If your cat is feeling playful or if they’re feeling anti-social, a cat sitter understands how to love them regardless of their mood.

They Aren’t Afraid of the Litter Box
When you need someone to watch your cat, you want someone who is going to do the job, the whole job, and not skip out on any of the less glamorous tasks. That means you want someone who is going to fearlessly clean up hair balls and litter boxes. Litter boxes can get a little messy, but a cat sitter isn’t afraid of that. They have plenty of experience cleaning litter boxes, most likely because they have cats of their own or have had cats in the past. A cat sitter will take care of all the tasks regarding cleaning up after your kitty.

One-on-one Time for Your Cat
Hiring a cat sitter ensures that your cat will get the love and attention they deserve while you’re away. The great thing about a cat sitter is that you know the cat sitter is specifically there for your cat. You don’t have to worry about them giving another animal attention, unless of course you have more than one cat at your place. A cat sitter provides a unique experience when you’re away, and gives your cat all of the attention they need to feel loved, even when you’re not there.

A Professional Puts Your Mind at Ease
Your cat is your family. And when it comes to family, you wouldn’t entrust them to just anyone, would you? You would make sure that whoever was going to take care of your cat was going to provide the best possible care for them. That’s why hiring a professional cat sitter, like our Bingo cat sitters, would give you the peace of mind that you deserve when you’re out doing what you’ve got to do.

Friendly and Reliable Cat Sitters in Manhattan

If you’re a cat person, then you already know, cats are unique animals. They have so many quirks that make them who they are. At Bingo, we understand that every cat is different. We have a team of professional cat sitters ready to accommodate all of your Manhattan cat sitting needs. With a love for cats and an understanding that your pet is our priority, our Bingo cat sitters are ready to help care for your kitty when you can’t. Schedule your meet and greet with the friendliest and most reliable cat sitters in Manhattan today.



Preparing Your Cat for Holiday Visitors



Your Cat and Holiday Visitors

The holidays are a time that brings friends and family together. But when you’re a cat owner, bringing family and friends over to your home can take some advanced planning. If you want to prepare your cat for holiday visitors, you need to think about what will make them the most comfortable. Here are some ways you can help prepare your cat for holiday visitors.

4 Tips to Prepare your Cat for Holiday Visitors

Create a safe room for the cat

Some cats are social, others like to hide, even when their owners are around. You know your cat, and you know how they are going to react to having holiday visitors. If you want to make your cat feel safe, even when there are visitors over, set up a safe room for them. Put a cat tree, any toys they like, some fresh water and their litter box in the room, that way they’re separated from the holiday bustle, yet still have enough things to entertain them while there are people over.

Put the litter box somewhere without foot traffic

A litter box is a pretty big part of a cat’s life. I mean, they basically come out of the womb knowing where they need to go potty. We run into a lot of litter boxes that are situated in the bathroom. Normally, this would be a perfect place to have your cat take care of business, but when holiday visitors are over, the traffic in the bathrooms goes up significantly. If you have your cat’s litter box in the bathroom or any other area that is going to receive a lot of traffic when guests are over, consider moving it to a place that doesn’t receive as much foot traffic. Your cat will feel at ease, and can use the litter box without interruption.

Protect against runaways

Cats are quick animals. Some of them even like to try and dart out the door when you open it. If your cat likes to escape, you need to come up with a way to keep them contained while you have holiday visitors. We talked about a safe room above, and that can work. But you can also let your guests know ahead of time that you have a cat that likes to make a run for it. When they come over, they can be quick upon entry and exit so as to not leave the door open and let your feline friend escape.

Spend adequate time with your cat

If your cat wants to join your friends and family for some socialization, by all means, let them come out and celebrate the season with you. But if they aren’t a fan of company, make sure you spend lots of time with your furry friend before and after the holiday festivities. And if you have time throughout the party, try to pop in on them and give them some love so they don’t get too lonely.

Trustworthy Cat Sitters in Manhattan

Finding a cat sitter in Manhattan is no easy task, but Bingo is looking to change that. At Bingo, your pet is our priority. If you’re leaving for a business trip or even a vacation, our professional cat sitters will take care of your fur-baby. We will discuss your cat’s needs before you leave and make sure that we keep to their routine as closely as possible. Don’t board your pet, let us take care of them in the comfort of your own home. Schedule your meet and greet today, and work with the most trustworthy cat sitters in Manhattan.